Solid Gold Cuff Bracelets

A lot to choose from!

A lot to choose from!

Wide cuffs in 14K Yel­low Gold, 18K Pal­la­dium White Gold, and 22K gold are 1 inch wide and range in size from small to large.

Nar­row cuffs are 18K Pal­la­dium White gold and 18K Yel­low Gold in the same range of sizes.

Note the dif­fer­ences in color from the 14K cuff at the bot­tom to the 22K cuff at the top with the 18K yel­low in between.

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18K Gold Hoop Earrings with Pearl Drops">18K Gold Hoop Earrings with Pearl Drops

Stunning Original Design

Stun­ning Orig­i­nal Design

These are orig­i­nal design ear­rings by Ricco copy­right 2014.

Ver­sa­tile design has remov­able bot­tom drops that snap into loops on the bot­tom of the hoops.  Any ear­rings with this type of ring can be attached to the snap in loops, so this is a great feature.

The hoops are sub­stan­tial, about 1/16 inch thick, but not too heavy either.

The drops are about 1/2 inch diam­e­ter and have con­cave cen­ters that mag­nify dainty white pearls cen­tered in the cups.

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18K Gold Cap">Drop Pearl Pendant with 18K Gold Cap

Sweet and Petite

Sweet and Petite

Sweet and petite min­i­mal­ist design with volup­tuous drop pearl.  Orig­i­nal design by Ricco copy­right 2014.  Ele­gantly simple–sometimes the most exquis­ite designs have the least orna­ment. And some­times they’re the hard­est to find.

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Sweet and Petite

Sweet and Petite

18K Gold Pen­dant with Drop Pearl on Square Market

18K Gold Earrings with Mabe Pearls">18K Gold Earrings with Mabe Pearls

Mabe Pearls in 18K Gold Frames

Mabe Pearls in 18K Gold Frames

Ricco Orig­i­nal Design 18K gold frames enhance these 17mm Mabe pearls beau­ti­fully.  Evoca­tive of moon sym­bol­ism, the cir­cle within a cir­cle is a per­fect com­ple­ment to the fem­i­nine rounded shapes of the pearls.

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18K Gold Studs with Pearls">18K Gold Studs with Pearls

Pearls in nests

Pearls in nests

Side view

Side view

 Just cre­ated: new orig­i­nal design to show­case 6.5 mm fresh­wa­ter pearls.  Pearls nested in con­cave hemi­spher­i­cal cups pro­duce a halo of gold around them.  Side view shows that the studs come off the ear­lobe with some height, lend­ing sub­stance to the form and pro­tect­ing the pearl.

A beau­ti­ful and very effec­tive design if I don’t say so myself.  Design copy­righted:  Ricco 2014.

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18K Gold Studs with Pearls on Square Market

Why Palladium White Gold

18K Palladium White Gold Hoop Earrings

18K Pal­la­dium White Gold Hoop Earrings

What is white gold and what is pal­la­dium white gold?

In its pure form, gold is yel­low. So how do you make it change to white?  You mix pure gold with another metal, a white metal.

A mix of met­als is an alloy.  To make a white gold alloy, mak­ers can use either pal­la­dium, a noble metal, or nickel, a base metal.  Since pal­la­dium costs $900 an ounce while nickel costs 9 dol­lars a pound,  most white gold jew­elry uses nickel.

Using nickel in the alloy can have con­se­quences:  it pro­duces an aller­gic reac­tion in some peo­ple; the alloy is brit­tle may develop cracks; the prongs around stone set­tings can break off, espe­cially for those who spend a lot of time in chlo­ri­nated pools (the chlo­rine leaches nickel out of the metal.)  So, if you own white gold jew­elry with prong set stones, it’s a good idea to visu­ally check the prongs occa­sion­ally.  For more details, see this arti­cle.

This is why Ricco white gold jew­elry uses pal­la­dium alloys. It reflects an under­ly­ing phi­los­o­phy that you can do things cheaply or you can do them right, and my choice is always to do the best I can with qual­ity mate­ri­als and processes.  Details the buyer may be unaware of  are impor­tant to me since I want my jew­elry to endure in time.

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Silver and Gold Jewelry Compared

Hand-made wedding band set by RiccoGallery

Hand-made Wed­ding Bands

Some folks wear only sil­ver and some wear only gold, but each metal has pluses and minuses so keep an open mind.

For some, sil­ver is too com­mon and lacks the luxe aspect of gold.  For oth­ers, gold is elit­ist and pre­ten­tious.  Each view has a point to make, but nei­ther is absolute.

Sil­ver has great effect when it’s worn as a col­lec­tion of ban­gle bracelets, for exam­ple.  Gold is con­sider a must for wed­ding bands because of tra­di­tion and what it sym­bol­izes (except check out the rings pic­tured.) So let’s say that each metal has its place.

Because sil­ver is so afford­able, there is a ten­dency to wear it too much of it.  That cre­ates an impres­sion that sil­ver is cheap and com­mon.  But it’s not silver’s fault; it’s the overuse of it.

Gold has great allure and because it is costly, it auto­mat­i­cally con­veys wealth and sta­tus.  That image can back­fire how­ever, if the designs are gaudy and osten­ta­tious, so be care­ful with gold.

Then there is the choice of mix­ing sil­ver and gold jew­elry.  Many would con­sider this idea a non­starter and there is a his­tory of that opin­ion, but things are begin­ning to loosen up on that score.  Indeed many jew­elry pieces with mixed met­als gold and sil­ver com­bi­na­tions are in fash­ion now.

As a jew­eler, my posi­tion is that you can wear what you want, but you have to own it with your atti­tude, like Bela Abzug did with her hats, or Madeleine Albright with her brooches.  And of course, any­thing you wear should have style and orig­i­nal­ity.  That’s where I come in.

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18K Palladium White Gold Band with Damascus Steel Inset">18K Palladium White Gold Band with Damascus Steel Inset

Manly wedding band

Manly wed­ding band

A ring for the manly man, very dis­creet, but with lots of low-key pres­ence.  The ring has 18K Pal­la­dium White Gold (only the edges vis­i­ble when worn) with an outer band of artisan-made Dam­as­cus steel show­ing swirls and lay­ers of iron and stain­less steel.  How cool is that?

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14K Gold Ring with Emerald">14K Gold Ring with Emerald

Fine emerald in 14K gold

Fine emer­ald in 14K gold

Emer­alds of this qual­ity are rare and expen­sive, but look how beau­ti­ful they are against gold!

The set­ting is an orig­i­nal Ricco design in 14K gold, size 4 1/2.  The emer­ald is 6.4 mm in diam­e­ter and weighs a lit­tle over one carat.

The metal is sub­stan­tial and thick, qual­ity marked 14K and signed Ricco.

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Silver Earrings and Pendant Set with Pearls

Pearls in dishes

Pearls in dishes

It’s not often that you see match­ing sets these days, so I thought I would make a few.  Here is my newest offer­ing, with fresh­wa­ter pearls set in ster­ling silver.

Mounts are made of ster­ling sil­ver with dish shapes that cup the round pearls nicely.  The ear­rings have the dish oxi­dized black which pro­vides strong con­trast to the white pearls.  The dish for the pen­dant is highly pol­ished which reflects the pearl and effec­tively mag­ni­fies its shape and color like a lens.  The pearl in the pen­dant is per­fectly round, with high lus­ter, albeit a tad smaller than the pearls in the earrings.

Length of the neck­lace is 17 inches.  Onyx beads inter­spersed with pearls are on cord fin­ished with ster­ling chain, mak­ing for a nat­ural and sup­ple drape, unlike beads on wire.

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