The nuts and bolts of diamonds are summed up in what is called the 4 C’s: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.  You probably already know about these names, but if not, google it.  There’ll be more than you’ve got time for, be assured.

I just want to give you an overview of some basics to consider if you are thinking about a diamond engagement ring.  One important tip is to focus on the grade for the cut above clarity and color.  That is, cut is the more important factor of the three, so all other things being equal, that’s the one to give more weight to.  That’s because cut controls the sparkle, or liveliness of the stone.

As for color, diamonds are graded from white (or colorless) through shades of yellow starting with D.  The further the grade goes away from D, the more yellow the stone will show.  The more yellow, the lower the grade until the yellow becomes really noticeable and then the grade changes to what is called “fancy yellow” or “vivid yellow” in which case the price goes up, radically.  There are also other colors with various names like “cognac” or “champagne” which are brown or brownish shades.  There are black diamonds too, and many other colors besides either natural or “treated.”

Two special kinds of diamonds are antique diamonds and laboratory grown diamonds.

  • Antique diamonds are hand-cut stones, produced before the advent of electrical machines.  They have particular allure and personality.
  • Lab grown diamonds are man-made, produced using high tech methods.  They are identical to diamonds that come out of the earth, but they are generally much less expensive.

Follow the links to learn more about these two special cases.

Bottom line, there is a lot to know about diamonds and diamond choices.  Ricco has been in the business for over 40 years and can help you with your choices.

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