By antique diamonds I refer to diamonds cut by hand before there were electric machines to do the job.  An extremely laborious task due to the hardness of diamond, every effort was made to remove just the smallest amount of material necessary to make the stone sparkle.  The result was often an irregularly shaped stone that reflected the original shape as mined.  Therefore, these stones do not conform to current grading standards and consequently do not have certificates.  They are more like individual expressions of the cutter’s art and skill and must be evaluated on that basis.  These stones are much more rare than today’s machine-cut stones, and they are in great demand these days.

The ring shown to the right has an antique diamond of approximately 1/3 carat set in 18K rose gold prongs custom made to fit the stone.  The shank is made of 18K yellow gold.

Antique stones are a connoisseur’s specialty, but if you want a really special, unique diamond, they are available and can be acquired.  Another special feature of the antique stone is their being produced before any suggestion of conflict tainted diamonds.

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