What do these words mean: “custom made”, “bespoke”, “couture”?

Custom made implies something made to order or made for a specific purpose.  For example, you can have your eggs “sunny side up.”

Bespoke is a word of British origin meaning made to order, typically in connection with tailored clothing but also for shoes and other goods.  For example, an English gentleman will go to Saville Row and have a suit made to fit his measurements.

Couture refers to fashionable clothing made by famous designers, like Karl Lagerfeld for example.  Garments are designed and then made to fit a particular person, so it’s more than just tailoring;  it’s design as well.

What Ricco does in making custom rings is more like couture in that I design a ring taking into account the particular personal qualities of the person who will wear it.  Then the design is made by hand to fit the person.  Design is the more important part of the equation.  Design is what Ricco brings to the table, and that is what’s special.

When choosing to buy a custom-made ring, first choose a designer that you like.

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