Moon's Embrace Diamond Engagement Ring

Moon’s Embrace Diamond Engagement Ring

“A Diamond is Forever” is the DeBeers slogan that has been around since the mid 40s and why today about 8 in 10 people get engagement rings with a diamond.  There is a reason why the slogan resonates and that is because a diamond symbolizes purity, durability, beauty and preciousness like arguably nothing else.

If you are considering a diamond engagement ring and have been shopping for one, you’ll know that the world of diamonds is an enormous space.  Because diamonds are so expensive, a lot of effort is made to market them and that can make things complex and confusing.  If you’re not well informed, you can make some expensive mistakes in this area.

With over 40 years in business, Ricco has seen a thing or two and has been over this same ground many times.  Though I don’t consider myself an expert on diamonds, I know the subject well enough to guide a client through the waters.  The main asset I have on my side is that I know who to trust to get a diamond.  And trust is the main thing, I emphasize.  I’m not the expert, but I know (and trust) a person who is.

Here’s how it works:  when we start designing your diamond engagement ring, I will start with an idea of what your budget for the ring is.  From that total price, I will estimate the cost of the mount and deduct it from the total, which leaves the cost for the diamond.  With that figure in mind, I can select a number of diamonds for your approval that meet the cost estimate.  My supplier, the expert, has hundreds, maybe thousands of diamonds to choose from, and you will have access to that entire inventory for your stone.  I will guide you in the selection of course, but the final choice is yours.

My supplier, so you know, is Hoover and Strong in Richmond, Virginia.  They have a long history of ethical and ecological practices, so they are one of the best companies available for diamonds.  They are the experts.

Contact me if you still have questions:  304 350 0268   or email