They say millennials are all about experiences.  They will spend big money on the wedding and honeymoon, for example, before they’ll spend on the wedding rings.  Thus, rings are luxury items and weddings are experiences.

Before finalizing your wedding ring budget, think about tradeoffs.  At tax time when you see how much money you made and what’s left, don’t you wonder where it all went?  A lot of it went for good times with friends, and memories are fine.  But your wedding rings are important reminders of one of your life’s most important moments.  They’ll be with you for a lifetime, and you can’t say that about much else.

Is an engagement ring a luxury item?  Not if you consider what it symbolizes and the use you get from it.  From that point of view, your wedding ring purchase is one of the most practical you’ll ever make.

This doesn’t mean that you need to spend more than you’re comfortable with.  But neither should you try to save a few bucks and not get the ring you deserve.

Ricco will work within your budget to create a beautiful ring that you’ll be proud of and not break the bank.

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