There are lots and lots of engagement ring designs to choose among, as anyone shopping for one well knows.  So many designs, so little time.  How to choose?  When shopping for a ring, consider these iquestions:

  • Will the ring last a lifetime?  Is it durable?  Is it made of substantial materials?  Is it well made?
  • Is the ring comfortable to wear?  How does it feel on the finger.  Is it heavy and clunky?
  • Is the style appropriate for the body type of the person who wears the ring?  Is the ring noticeably very large for a small hand, or too small for a larger person?
  • Another question is whether the ring’s style is appropriate to the person who will wear it.  Is it  too big for a small hand?  Too small for a larger person?, etc.
  • Will the ring’s style hold up over time?  Remember, wedding rings are for a lifetime.  It’s OK to be in sync with trendy styles for other things, but not for your wedding rings.  So watch out for designs that are cool today, but may be dated tomorrow.
  • The ring should be safe to wear.  Designs with a lot of prongs and projecting elements can pose a risk of injury.
  • Does the ring reflect favorably on the wearer’s personality?   If the ring is ostentatious, it  projects that image onto the person wearing it.  Not overtly, perhaps, but the message is sent anyway.  Bigger is not always better.  Taste rules.

Your choice of wedding rings is very important because they will be with you for a long time. Let me help you with your choices.

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