Looking at what’s being offered online in the way of men’s wedding bands shows a lot of trendy new materials: titanium, tungsten, wood, antler, etc.  Many of these rings have in common a strongly machined finish, which I think is supposed to be manly. Sure, it looks sleek and modern, but it still projects a machine vibe, not human.  A wedding band should say “I love you” and how can a machine do that?

Here’s the thing:  a wedding band is something you’re going to wear all your life.  Are these new designs going to hold up in the long run? Will wood and antler still look good after 50 or more years?  Maybe they will, but I’d put my money on gold.

Some facts you may not know about tungsten:  It never loses its shine and it is super strong, but you can’t resize it. If you think you’re going to have the same size finger all your life, then you’ll be fine.  But if you’re like most people, sorry to say, you’re going to put on weight as you get older and then the ring won’t fit.  But tungsten can’t be cut; it has to be broken off with a hammer.  Titanium can’t be resized either, but at least it can be cut if needed, which is better than tungsten.

My advice for a wedding ring:  stick with tried and true–gold if you can afford it, but silver is OK too.  They are traditional for a reason.

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