Ring safety is a topic we’d prefer to ignore, but that would be irresponsible.  Ring injuries can and do happen, as exemplified by Jimmy Fallon’s recent accident.  Rings injuries occur when the ring catches on something and you can’t pull away in time.  If this happens, a serious cut can occur, or in extreme cases, the loss of a finger. It’s a rare event, but it can happen.

To minimize the risk, remove rings when engaging in any strenuous physical activity.  Also, when choosing a ring, find one that is smooth and without prongs or points that can catch.

Here’s an example of an unsafe ring (not one of mine):

unsafe ring

unsafe ring

See how many points there are that can catch on something?  It’s possible that this ring would never catch or scratch, but it’s likely that it will.  There’s also something as practical as putting on a glove over this ring, aside from the risk of injury.

Compare this design with one of mine:

This design, called Moon’s Embrace, is smooth and sculptural, with no projections at all.  It may still be possible for something to get caught under the ring, but that’s much more unlikely than a prong getting caught.  Safety is an aspect of good design, and it goes along with other good design features.

That’s why, when I design a ring, I have safety uppermost in mind throughout the entire process.  I consciously consider every element as a potential hazard and try to design around it.  I’m not always 100 percent successful because there’s no way to do that and still have a ring of any sort, let alone a beautiful one, but it’s an objective.

I invite you to compare my designs with rings you may have been considering to evaluate the differences on this point.

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