How much should you spend to get an engagement ring?  There are two ways to go wrong: one, you can spend too much and two, you can spend too little.

As to the first error, remember that when you are married, debts as well as everything becomes common property.  So if you spend too much your partner is going to be saddled with having the pay for it, or feel the burden of responsibility for it.  That’s going to take some of the glow off a ring that cost too much.

On the other hand, if you choose a ring that is too cheap, it won’t project the right image for the person who has to wear it.  It may project a poor image, as if you couldn’t afford better, or that you are too cheap to buy something better.

Balance is the key:  the ring should be neither exorbitant nor shabby.  The benefit of having rings custom-made is that the rings can be shaped to meet a budget that is comfortable for the couple.  Beautiful and meaningful engagement rings can be made in a wide range of price points.

As for price shopping and looking for bargains, what’s the real point?  An engagement ring is not like a car that you are thinking to change in a few years.  It’s forever.  So it’s not the most important thing to shave a dollar or two in this moment.  Your engagement ring is something you’ll have for life and it’s one of the few things that you buy only once and have forever.

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