A lady who came into the gallery yesterday pointed to a simple gold band on her ring finger and said, “This ring belonged to my grandmother.”  We were talking about the jewelry she was wearing and this comment came up spontaneously.

The ring itself was a classic gold band, nothing special, but obviously it had significance for the wearer.  More than just a wedding band even, the ring had connection to her mother’s mother who, the woman told me, would be 120 years old if she were alive today.

Grandma, whoever she was, has long since passed away, but when she comes up in the present, as she did in this conversation, she still exists.  And the ring is the connection.  This is the real meaning of jewelry–how it can capture memories, feelings, emotions, family ties, etc.  Priceless.

Considering how important a ring or other piece of jewelry is, not only in the present but in some future time as well, it is a good idea to give serious thought to what you buy.  This is why custom-made pieces are a good option.

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