The Zen Ring is inexpensive, but has excellent engagement ring symbolism.

  • First, any ring is a symbol of unending continuity: it has no beginning and no end; it just goes round and round.  So the Zen Ring starts with that feature.
  • The stone is a real diamond–small, but with all the attributes of diamond:  durability, purity, brilliance, beauty, etc.
  • The stone is round, which reinforces the circle of the ring.
  • The setting is also round, which adds to the circle idea.
  • Made in silver, the ring shows humility.
  • Silver is a precious metal.  Note that the metal is substantial, so the ring is made to hold up over time.

Even if you can’t afford a more expensive ring, The Zen Ring is a perfectly suitable choice for an engagement ring.

I can make one in your size, in silver, with a 2 mm diamond G-I color, SI clarity, for $295 plus 7% WV tax.

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